10.20.2018 / Alex Hooper live at Comedy Works in Downtown Denver

America’s Got Talent 2018

Alex Hooper roasts the AGT judges (spoiler alert they don’t take it well!)


alex hooper hugs. drugs. pugs. album cover

Listen to Alex Hooper’s debut comedy album Hugs. Drugs. Pugs. Recorded live at Meltdown Comics (RIP) on September 21st 2017.

Alex covers his the topics most dear to his heart: spreading love, expanding his mind and cuddling pugs.

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Achille’s Heel Podcast


Comedian Alex Hooper interviews creative humans on the struggles that have shaped their lives. Everyone has something to hide. Achilles' Heel features open and honest conversations about some of the darkest parts of life. On this podcast Alex shines light on those who have overcome challenges, all while adding his signature style of quirky, positivity. Podcast topics include social anxiety, self-loathing, student loans and sex addiction.

achilles' heel podcast cover art
An Important MUST LISTEN!
This podcast really gets to the core of important issues that many people struggle with daily. Even better, it comes from comedians who really personalize the issue with brutal honesty and humor. You truly realize you are not alone.
— LadyHaHa14 via Apple Podcasts



Pug Yoga

pug yoga calendar cover

2018 was a banner year for lovers of pugs, yoga and cubby guys in leggings. Pug Yoga was born out of love during daddy-doggy playtime. Alex Hooper and his beloved Korean rescue pug, Kimchi, launched a revolution with The Pug Yoga Calendar.

Funded successfully through Kickstarter, Alex created The Pug Yoga Calendar to support animal rescue. Working with visionary photographer Troy Conrad, and award-winning graphic designer John Cranston, Alex brought his playful and silly vision to life. 10% of net profits were donated to Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles. The sold out 2018 Pug Yoga Calendar was featured on The Ellen Show.

As a follow up to the calendar, Alex created Pug Yoga Greeting Cards. No longer limited by the confines of time, Pug Yoga Greeting Cards never go out of style.


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